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New to our blog? Here are the best guides to let you start right away

Let me present a list of the most viewed tutorials on our site:


Business Oriented

- Small Business Marketing : Low budget marketing. We also write about Guerrilla marketing for small businesses here.

- Small Business Social Strategy - how to plan and execute a social strategy that works.

- How to make more money from your website guide.

For more information on small businesses and startups - please note we are regularly contributing to


Other popular pieces we wrote include:


Building a self made blog(cms)

First off, you are advised to use our guide on how to structure and design your CMS.

Let's build a simple blog on php and mysql

Build your own blog from scratch just in few easy steps. The process will make you familiar with phpmyadmin and web security.
Php mysql blog tutorial

Making a login page using jQuery and php

This process will make you familiar with jquery, and the way it submits for data without refresh.
Php jquery login

Creating rss feeds for your self made blog

Now that we have a blog, we want more features. One is making a rss feed script to show latest posts.
Building rss feeds

Creating a contact form on jQuery

For sure you want to interact with your visitors, having a way for them to contact you.
jQuery contact form


Blogger tutorials

Social media sharing widgets

Social network are a huge advantage for getting traffic. Here's a list of selected widgets.
Blogger social media widgets

Modifying blogger template

Modifying the template, adding self made plugins or even for seo. A list of simple tips and tricks.

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