Jul 22, 2012

Best blogger social media sharing widgets of 2012

blogger sharing social widgets
Here is a list of best blogger sharing widgets of 2012, starting from the most used to the just published.
Blogger dashboard is not the only place where you can find widgets, with the easy to build interface blogger widgets are taking an inportant part on social media sharing.

Fixed Position Scrolling Sticky Bar blogger widget
Now days concept scrolling bar or sticky bar has becomes very popular because of their attention grabbing capacity,they quickly catches any ones attention on them that's why I am also using a sticky bar(hellobar) on my blog.

2- Social sharing widget buttons
social sharing widget
The area just below your post titles have more impressions i.e. that area is more viewed by your visitors and if you add social share or bookmarking buttons such as the new google+ then there are more chances of getting more likes, digs, stumbles and +1'd.

Presenting yet another beautiful social media connect widget that lets your visitors to search your blog, subscribe to your RSS Feeds, follow you on twitter, follow you on Facebook and share your blog with over 350+ social media networks.

social bookmarking widget sharing is sexy
I being a blogger user for quite a long time, still love to give back to the community one way or other. This time again, I have tried to give back to the community by making the new version of Sexy Bookmarks compatible with blogger.

MintShare – Pure CSS & HTML Based Social Share Widget
Hundreds of social bookmarking plugins / widgets available on the Internet. So you may ask, why do we need another. Ok, let me tell you why we made MintShare in a simple way.

blogger sharing floating widget
Till now we learned and created many floating social sharing buttons but those button widgets in fact do not slide when the user scrolls the page up or down.

best blogger sharing widgets of 2012
There are so many types of sharing widgets are available in web which you use in your blog to became your blog more share able and you choose your best sharing icon and you are satisfied with that, but What? if your visitors can’t find their Share Button in your site which they use and want to share your article with their friends circle.

Ok the last one!
its not a sharing widget but it is made by us


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