Mar 14, 2017

How Technology Impacts Electronic Appliances

Technology has been changing our life rapidly in the last 20-25 years.

All our appliance are using better technology and are manufactured to be suitable as a Smart Home devices.

Once Upon a Time

I remember that when I was young, when my dad invited a handyman to repair our oven or refrigerator, the handyman knew how to handle all the appliances at the house. They were all working based on mechanical mechanism. Now all the new appliances are working as a small computer, based on electronic mechanism, like the touch technology we use in our smart phones. Today you need a computer geek for repairing your home appliances.

Smart Home Is Knocking on Our Doors

How will our future house will look like? How would our future kitchen will be designed?

Soon, all of us will be able to control our refrigerator, our oven, dishwasher and even our laundry machine by a Smart Home system. Every electronic appliance in our house will be based on a smart computer and we will be able to control it using our voice.

The industry is going towards smart product. This process is like the one the communication industry experienced - the smart phones revolution.

Smart houses are already existing and all electronic devices are connected to a Wi-Fi or to a similar technology. This way it allows its residents to be able to use all the appliances without any effort at all.

A good example for that is Alexa Smart Home system. Below you can find the total revenues in the last couple of years, and the revenue expected in the years to come:

Year Revenue ($M)
2014 $24
2015 $384
2016 $1,336
2017 $2,222
2018 $4,150
2019 $6,615
2020 $11,132

As you can see, this phenomenon of Smart Homes is spreading fast, and is expected to accelerate in the near future. However, at the meanwhile, until we will be able to use it, we can think of trying standalone semi-smart devices and not as a whole Smart Home system.

Do Not Jump the Gun

There is a vast variety of product and companies. Different kind of qualities and prices. A lot of room the get confused thanks to the overwhelming technology and spend more money and time than we actually need.

How to Choose the Best Appliances for Me?

What can you do to save money when thinking about getting new appliances with advanced technology? Follow these recommendations:

Buy new products with manufacturer warranty:

The technology behind these appliances is developing fast. Buying a product with the newest technology will allow you to get the most out of it. It is important to note that sometimes it is worthwhile to try a previous version as well.

New appliances with new technology are based on economic and more “green” systems and will help you save other costs like electricity and water.

New appliances usually have a manufacturer warranty for 1-5 years, which can bring you a little peace of mind.

Consult an expert before buying a new device to suit it for your needs. You can find an expert at the shopping center near your home or online. Make sure you can differentiate between a salesman and an expert.

Ask someone you trust like friends, neighbours or colleagues

If your mother has it, your neighbour has it, and all you friends from the office have it, it is probably working well or at least it’s not too bad. When you’ll start asking people you’ll find out need that you didn’t think of.

Read reviews and compare between different companies

Do an online research and try to understand which device is the right one for you. Investing 5-10 minutes looking for the right device, at the right place, manufactured by the right company can save you a lot of money and time, now and in the future.

Use home warranty companies

Home warranty companies are offering different types of insurance plan for your home appliances and more. It will save you time and hassle in the future, even after the manufacturer's warranty is over. is a great place to start looking for the best home warranty plan.

Buy appliances online - refrigerators, gas fireplace, electric water heater tank, air conditioner, microwave and more are usually can be found cheaper when bought online.

Short Summary

Buying new appliances in our days can be quite confusing. It is obvious that in the near future all appliances and devices will be controlled by a smart system. It will influence the way we manage our home. However, at the meanwhile, until those smart systems will be more reachable, we can use standalone semi-smart devices.

When one wants to purchase these appliances, he or she should follow the steps mentioned above - compare and review, do an online research and purchase the device online, consult experts and friend and use a home warranty plan for your peace of mind. This way you’ll be able to save time and money and a lot of headache in the future.

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