Feb 26, 2014

Top 3 Free Banner Maker Resources

We all know that the look of your website has a big impact on your visitors. This is the first thing that they see and can make them decide to stay or leave. Maybe you have a bad design and they will think that your website is outdated or maybe your site is too flashy and shows no credibility.

In either case you need to have an adequate design to match the purpose of your website and your targeted audience.

Two important elements on every blog are the header and the banners :

a)      The Header – is part of your brand and is a way to differentiate yourself from others

b)      The Banner – helps you to catch the visitors attention and redirect them to a specific location or page (a product, a service or even another website)

There are two ways to obtain a nice header or banner:

1)      Hire a pro – which is a great option for those that have funds to invest in their website.

2)      Do it yourself – which is a great option if you have the knowledge to use different graphic softwares like Photoshop or Corel or any other program on the market.

For those that don’t have any web design skills nor budget to acquire a proper design, there is a third solution – Free Banner Maker Websites !

They are very intuitive and easy to use and, on top of all, provide very nice banners or even headers because most of them lets you choose the size and format. Below I have quickly reviewed the top 3 banner maker websites that I stumbled upon.

Fotor Banner MakerA great website with nice layout a lot of powerful features that can help build professional looking banners. You have the ability to customize everything from the size, the background, adding text or graphics and everything in between just by clicking and editing the items.

The first thing you need to choose is how you want to go about it:
1)      Choose a predefined size and template
2)      Enter a custom size and make everything from scratch

After that you will enter the dashboard where you can start compiling/editing your desired banner. On the left side you have the control panel where all the tools are.

If you want to add a picture or graphic, you can do so by going to right sidebar and choosing the location of the picture (Computer, Facebook, Flickr or the Web).

When you are happy with the result, you can simply press Save, change the file name, select the format (.jpg or .png), click again Save and then select the location where you want the file saved in your computer.

BannerFans Banner Maker – A straight forward banner maker where you are guided, step by step, thru the whole process. It is not as powerful Fotor (my personal opinion) but it’s easier to use and you can save your work in 3 different formats – PNG, JPG and GIF.

Every time you make changes, you can click the “Update my banner” button to see exactly how it will look like after edits.

As with the previous website, you can choose a preset format or you can enter a custom size that will fit your needs. This is done in the Layout tab where you can also choose background colors and many other options. The next two tabs are for the text you want to be added and customizations like shadows and effects.

The Border tab will let you add…uhhh…borders to your banner J Is a good way to make a banner stand out and depending on the purpose, you have 5 options – No border, Solid, Dashed, Double solid and Double dashed (like I did in the example above).

WebBanner24 Banner Maker – Very simple to navigate thru all the option because all you need is the left sidebar. You can easily select a size template or use a custom size and then you can start editing the background, add text, border, filters or even animations.

As you can see from the sample above, in just a few minutes you can have a pretty basic banner done. Is not the best looking by far, but is so easy. And sometimes we just need something quick that will do the job.

This are my picks for top 3 banner maker websites ! Which one do you like more ? Do you know another great resource for creating free banner ? If so, please let me know in the comment section bellow !


  1. Lots of people use MyEcoverCreator.com as well. That seems to work well for banners and headers, (as well as book covers, cd and software covers, etc).

    1. Thanks for the tips but you need to pay for this product. I was reviewing only free solutions.