Jun 21, 2012

Python downloader script using urllib tutorial

Hey hey, last few days i was learning python, an awesome scripting(programing) language and i must say that python it's amaizing xDD.

If you ever waned to download a page for example without viewing it "for security reasons" python does just that!

To make a python download script first of all we will import UrlLib, a python module, then read the url:

Note! I used python 2.7 for this tutorial, for v3 you need to make some edits.

import urllib // the module
url = urlib.urlopen(“http://google.com/”).read() // read from google
path = open(r“C:\google.html”, “w”) // google.html will be saved on C:\
path.write(url) // write url data to path
path.close() // then close path

Simple and working example & dont forget to share xDD

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