May 24, 2013

Penguin update coming. Removing bad backlinks

google penguin update

Google announced that in few weeks the next pinguin update is coming.
Some sites will get better page rank, some will loose it.
Whatever happens we can do some improvements and not get a page rank 0.
There are lot of stuff we can improve.
Stuff like meta tags, title, 404 links can help on getting more rank but wont cost allot, only if used ex same title, meta tags all pages, having more text on them than google accepts etc.
Removing duplicate content
It can be categories, search, tags that all go to same stuff creating duplicates.
With a simple rule on robots.txt we can nofollow them
User-agent: *
Disallow: /cat
Allow: /
Biggest problem, backlinks All face with traffic from strange sites like adult, hacking etc who are off a different category than our site.
Those kind of links will hurt you the most.
First of all we must collect those links(bad ones) using google webmaster tools, alexa, backlinkwatch, stats page of our blog etc.
We can remove a single post or a whole site
After creating our list we have to use google disavow to submit the list, those links wont be considered by google anymore, either as google says, links may take weeks to get removed. Last tip and the best is starting right now and creating some quality backlinks

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