Aug 9, 2013

Guerilla marketing and SEO in 2013

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new world. A new world of online marketing, much different than the past where "spam" was the magical recipe for search engine visibility.

There are new ways for limited budget marketing, which do not include old school methodologies that no longer work, or have limited longevity.

In the past we used to:
- Spam irrelevant forums
- Comment wherever to get another link
- Use directories (the more the merrier)
- Create 1 page blogs as mini-sites to link to us
- Create forum profiles and link to our site
- Bookmark each page in the site a 1000 times
- Ping the site so search engine will discover it

Not any-fuk'n-more. These methods, especially in high velocity will either make little to no impact, or simply get you penalized (either by manual spam penalties or Penguin algorithm). 

So, what should you do nowadays to get better rankings?
Well, the truth is that Google started focusing on user behavior and advanced text analysis, so a big focus on the product is the base of any successful SEO campaign.

Does that mean you can publish a piece of content and let it "float" in Google until search engines and users discover it and increase its popularity? Hell's no.

You should utilize the same tools as before, but focus on specific ones and put much more effort

- Social bookmarks: choose the high value ones, and use your social accounts to drive users and give the initial "vote up" boost to your pieces. Get a lot of thumbs up on reddit? you will have a homepage link that is worth 10K+ UV daily, and one hell of a sign for Google that your content is top notch.

- Forum profiles: create forum profiles in forums that are actually relevant, high quality, and interesting for you to participate. Do the best you can to aid people, and THEN when you publish your link, people will actually follow it. They will have a personal connection to you, and follow your expert opinion on stuff.

- Create 1 or 2 blogs linking to your site that will contain UNIQUE high quality information, and will have a small time SEO strategy of their own. Invest in them and create an audience you can drive to your main site, and Google will notice these are blogs of value and not crap 1-pagers.

- Comment consistently in the top blogs in your industry, not for the link juice (as 99% of comments are no-follow) but for the blog owner to notice you. Once you added enough comments he will click on your link and hey - if you put the effort into the product , he might link to it.

- USE YOUR SOCIAL PROFILES and CREATE ONES EVERYWHERE! Each social network allows you to link to your site, follow or no follow, as well as social networks are a great way to interact with your crowd and trigger further interest with additional audiences. Invest whatever you can into these profiles as Google can identify which profile is active, and which one is trashed out.

-- Good luck! -- 


  1. Hi there. Penguin effect is really a headache but your tips are sure shot medicine. Very nice post. Keep sharing like this information :)

  2. In the past SEO was easy now it have become very difficult to get high rank on the Google because of new Google algorithms .
    now we have to use quality and natural seo techniques to be successful .
    Your blog is very informative and helpful for me .
    Thanks for sharing good information.
    Best regards,

  3. I completely agree with aaron. Now SEO is completely changed and fully depends on content. Content marketing plays important role in it.
    One can rank well in google if he/she shares viral content otherwise cannot and it will attract the customer too.