May 4, 2016

How Technology is Disrupting Lifestyle in 2016:

The recent surge in technology related to the internet is that society is struggling how to maintain a balance between these wonderful innovations and their quality of life that was at one-time technology-free.

Here are several ways that technology has interrupted lifestyle in ways that one would not expect:

It Interrupts Business: This is rather entertaining at first glance, but, technology ironically does interrupt business. If a cell phone rings during an important business meeting or if the entry level employees are playing on social media instead of working, then this disrupts the flow of commerce. What makes the debate fascinating is that these technologies were invented with the purpose of making life easier; however, they have also had repercussions due to just how accessible all of these innovations are to the consumer.

It Interrupts Education: Schools have had major issues with cell phones, tablets, and laptops because legally, they cannot touch them. That being said, these devices are distracting students from the purpose of attending school in the first place. In colleges, many professors have made a no laptop policy, for example, but then the students are hiding their smartphones. The price of being connected all the time is a great one because we never have a break from the technology sector.

It Disrupts Family Life: This is the major one because one’s work, in theory, never leaves them. By allowing e-mail to be in smartphones, we have opened up a portal that many would like to close because one never leaves the stress of the office. While this has allowed more global professional positions to be possible due to increased accessibility, it has also disrupted family time since the office now never leaves the employee. There have been many debates how to combat this, but ultimately, the price has already been paid by adding e-mail to smart phones.

It Disrupts Government Institutions and Laws: The classic example with this is Uber. Uber has been very disruptive to unions for taxi drivers around the globe. Granted, this is a change that we all wanted due to the unsatisfactory service provided by taxis for decades, it still causes governments to have to answer to the union’s complaints. This is why Uber has been outlawed and protested so many times; however, in the end, Uber ends because the consumers want Uber.

Privacy Laws: Technology has also had a major implication on privacy laws. Particularly in the legal profession, there have been many cases regarding the drafting of case law or legislation related to digital privacy rights and issues. This is going to be a major issue going forward that the local governments are going to have to navigate because it disrupts the previous issues we had with confidentiality and privacy.

Granted, these technological developments have been sensational. What becomes the issue is how the institutions of society is going to catch up to combat the issues caused by all of these wonderful innovations.

Apps have been a wonderful addition to the technological world that also are a great asset to those who are not that technologically gifted.

Here are my recommendations of the seven best Apps for non-techs:

Vivino: Vivino is an incredible App for wine lovers around the world. What Vivino does is that is allows you to take a photo of your favorite wine label and store it for later use. The App also shows you different food pairing recommendations with that particular wine. Additionally, the photo you will take shows you the average price and which years are the best to try. Lastly, you are able to add your friends to share the wines. Essentially, Vivino is the Facebook for the wine lover and it is a great idea!

Cash: Cash is a great way to get your money quickly from point A to point B. For example, if you were paid in one bank account and need to pay an automatic payment in another bank account. Cash allows you transfer money to yourself or to a friend immediately. This App also has no transaction fees, which saves on ATM fees and banking fees in general.

Uber: Even though Uber is controversial, its utility for the non-techy savvy individual surely is not. Uber is becoming available all over the world and has a variety of car quality options for you to chose from. What Uber also does is allow you to split a taxi ride with your friends that includes the tip. Essentially, Uber limits the cash from the entire transaction, which makes it much easier to get where you need to go without making sure that you have exact change.

Lyft: Lyft, although a similar idea to Uber, is also great for the non-technologically savvy person. Lyft many times is more affordable than Uber because they have regular discounts on their rides that they text you about. Additionally, Lyft has a ride share option that allows those carpooling to work to save a great deal on their transportation. Lyft is a fast-growing competitor of Uber that is absolutely worth a try.

Spotify: Spotify is available all over the world and allows the user to have access pretty much any song in the world for only $9.99 per month. With the Premium membership one can make playlists, listen to any album, and have a radio station. Spotify also allows you to explore new music as well. That being said, Spotify has also revolutionized going to the gym because the App has a pace monitor for runners that selects the music based on the pace one is running. This App is truly sensational and it is easy to use for someone who is not tech-savvy.

OfferUp: OfferUp is the ultimate way to sell items that you may not want; however, it is particularly beneficial for furniture when you are moving. For example, if I listed my sofa on OfferUp for $100, people could make bids on it. If you like the price, you accept and the person comes to get the sofa. OfferUp is entirely free and connects buyers and sellers in a delightful way.

Yelp: Yelp is a wonderful App for two reasons. The first, is that you can look up any ethnicity of food in the locale where you are and see where the best restaurant is. Additionally, if you are unsure what kind of food you want, you can look up restaurants near you and see what you are interested in. This is great for the traveler in a new city looking to try something different, but is also great for the local looking to expand their horizons.

Apps are a wonderful addition to the technological world. Many of these Apps are targeting those who are not very advanced with technology. Thus, it is recommended to see how these Apps could benefit you in your day-to-day life and you may be quite pleasantly surprised.

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