Feb 26, 2021

Online Will Makers: The Easy Answer To A Quick Will Creation


A will allows you to plan what happens to your properties and estates after your death. With a legal will, you can plan for your children that are still minor, prepare for your pets, and ensure there are no unnecessary disputes among your family members after your death.


While most people are well familiar with traditional will-making, many people are unaware that you can now make your will online. Here is all you need to know about making online wills and the benefits of using a online will maker. Moreover, you can read these 16 online will maker reviews to further understand the pros and cons of using this type of service.


Why Make Your Will?

There are lots of reasons you should make a will. Will-making can be a lengthy and stressful process, especially when doing it the traditional way. Nonetheless, it's a worthy investment considering you are making your last wishes while you still can. 


When making a will, you'll need a lawyer. You'll also have to bring the paperwork of your assets to your lawyer and disclose all your debts and liabilities. Then you will name your beneficiaries and assign what you want each to get. After that, you append your signature, including your witness's and lawyer's signature, to make it valid. 


What is an Online Will Maker?

If you want to avoid the physical stress associated with making a traditional will, you can simply use an online will maker's services.


An online will maker allows you to create your will all by yourself. You can do this by simply contacting an online will-making company. Then you will fill the form template where you itemize your assets and the beneficiaries. To ensure your online will is a legally binding document, you have to do the following:


I. You, as the testator, need to be of a healthy and sound mind at the time of writing the will.


II. You should append your signature on the will and the date you issued it.


III. Your witnesses have to sign the will as well.


It is important to note that there are many will makers online and not all may off top notch quality service. However, you should be able to get the best by checking: 


a. The Cost

The truth is, either you are drafting a will with the aid of your lawyers, or you are making your will yourself online, it will cost you some money. The traditional will-making process will at least cost you the lawyers' fee, among other things. 


An online will maker will also charge some fees. It is now your responsibility to check for as many online will makers and choose the one that best fits your cost budget. The costing structure of different online will makers differs. While some charges per service render, you have to pay a yearly subscription or membership fee for others. You should choose an option that suits your budget and needs.


b. Legality

It is not just important that you find a cost-friendly online will maker; you also need to ensure that they can issue legal documents. Although this mostly depends on your state laws, it is crucial that you confirm your will's legality and validity to avoid family disputes and confusion.


c. Online reviews

Lastly, you'll need to check online to assess the quality of services offered by your preferred online will maker. You can check trusted legal sites or check the news to see if they've been involved in any legal cases.


The Benefits of Online Will Maker

There are several benefits of using an online will maker over a traditional one. These include:


·       Saves Time

Creating a will online saves your time and saves you the trouble of looking for or visiting a lawyer. Once you have a list of all your assets, estates, debts, and beneficiaries, you create the will within 30 minutes.


  • Saves Cost

You can create your will at no cost at all. If at all it will cost you, you will only need a few dollars. Generally, it's cheaper to make.


  • Easy to Create

Creating your will online is an easier option, especially if you don't have complicated financial and estate situations. There is a template already; all you have to do is follow and fill the template, and voila, you have you will!



It is always safer and better to have your will prepared. You don't have to wait till you are all old and grey before you prepare your will. While the traditional is always available, hiring an online will maker is faster, cheaper, and more convenient.

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