Aug 12, 2012

Unique Seo tips part 2 | Seo tutorial

seo tips

Note! It is highly recommended to read the first part of unique seo tips

This is second part of unique seo tips
Today i will be explaining meta keywords ,description and title 
Well a bit advanced..

Meta Keywords
an example would be:

<meta name="keywords" content="php tutorials, web security, seo lessons">

I used some random keywords.
Do not focus on meta-keywords!!
Wordpress plugin "yoast" has not included them by default. 
The reason is that google started not using them at 2009, then yahoo. 
So is no meaning at all since even blogger does not include them hehe. 
But most of us just keep adding them. 
In my opinion if you do not put them for X article just put site main keyword at each page :) 
Peoples try to have a limit of 200 charachters on keywords(its just preference) 

Meta description
An live example would be:
<meta name="description" content="Php tutorials provides unique Php and Jquery tips. Lot of scripts and downloads">

Meta description must be: 
Well explained 
Up to 3 inportant keywords inside 
Limited 150 to 160 charachters 

It appears on google search results so be user frendly :)

Title tag
It's not an unique seo tip at all but its a must know 

Title example:

<title>Php tutorials | Dialy php and jquery examples</title>
Title rules: 
up to 65 charachters 
well explained + words 

A fast tip! If title is to short add and your site at end like: 
title | Php Tutorials 

On third part we will speak about "Being frendly with google". 

Dont forget to share :) :)

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  1. Good Tutorial, but your english is not good ! Try learning a little bit before writting tutorials !
    Rodhan Balesh