Sep 11, 2017

Top 10 Futuristic Tech Products that will Blow You Away

Today’s world is becoming increasingly tech-focused. As a result, there are many new products that are currently being released, or are in the process of being created soon. These new tech products will certainly change life as we know it. They are useful in many different industries – from transportation to healthcare to home building. It’s exciting to look at these new pieces of tech and to think: If this is “new” now, what will the future be like? How much more technologically advanced can we become?

1. New and Improved Prosthetics

Prosthetics are now being created that can move and adjust just as your normal limb would. But what if a prosthetic existed that could hypothetically take the place of your actual limb? The prosthetics that are currently being invented are sensitive to touch and heat, just as your ordinary hand, arm, foot, or leg would be. They are intended to feel and exert different pressure levels, as well.

2. Hovercrafts

It feels like every time you turn around there is a new update to transportation – whether it’s a fancy new car with voice activated technology, or a high-speed underground train that will effectively replace air or car travel. However, hovercrafts could very soon be on our horizon, as well. These vehicles aren’t exactly hovercrafts. Instead, they’re a vehicle that allows for low-altitude flight for fast and efficient travel. They’re said to ride like a motorcycle for both on and off-road experiences. We don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty awesome version of a hovercraft to us.

3. Jetpacks

Jetpacks will no longer be something you see in sci-fi movies. Of course, right now they’re only available to qualified buyers, but we assume that before too long they’ll be available for the masses.

4. Self-driving Trucks

Self-driving trucks have been on the horizon for a while now, and they could potentially have a dramatic impact on the transportation industry and the world economy.

5. Coffee Energy

We’ve heard of wind energy, we’ve heard of corn being used for energy – but coffee energy? If you think about it, it makes sense. Coffee beans are an enormous source of untapped energy. Bio-Bean is working to use clean tech to process recycled, used coffee grounds into biofuels and biochemicals. Not a bad idea!

6. Advanced Transplants

Transplanting organs is a common medical practice. But what about an entire portion of your body – like your head? It sounds crazy, but Sergio Canavero is a neurosurgeon from Italy strongly believes that head transplants are in the very near future. He believes that the technology is there, and that through the use of a special blade and polymer, doctors and surgeons could work to perform head transplants and regrow spinal cord nerves.

7. AR or VR in Home Building and Construction

Some of the best architects in the world are still locked in to building in their home country, or else relocating to a faraway location for their next project. This won’t be the case anymore with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in the world of building and construction. Professional architects, builders, and construction firms, will soon be able to work virtually in real time using VR or AR headsets.

8. Increasingly Advanced Robo-Advising

Robo-advisors have already evolved at an astonishing rate. They started as a lowly form of investment management or portfolio rebalancing. Now they can create customized investment strategies for individuals based on increasingly complex algorithms. Soon they will likely be able to provide all forms of financial planning – from retirement savings advice to debt management to tax mitigation for high income earners.

9. Floating Farms

There is only so much physical space on this planet – and yet our population continues to grow. Farmers are essentially stuck. They can’t feasibly expand their farm land without also reducing the amount of living space for people. It seems like an impossible dilemma – how do you continue to feed a growing population while limiting the amount of space there is to grow food and keep animals? The answer may be found in floating farms. The architecture would be complex, but this would essentially mean farms would exist in the sky and be operated by a solar panel.

10. Worldwide Internet Access

Big wigs such as Elon Musk and Richard Branson are currently working to provide free wi-fi to the world. This would essentially level the playing field when it came to access of information, tech advancements, and much more. It would also make global communication much easier.

The world is evolving, and technology is evolving with it. It is so exciting to see new technologies being developed. Even more intriguing still is to see where these new technologies will take us as a global culture.

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