Dec 6, 2017

10 Things We Just Don’t Do Anymore

Each decade has its own set of social norms. For example, in the 80’s, it was socially acceptable to wear crazy shoulder pads and have big hair! In all seriousness, though, these “social norms” that we all accept during certain periods of time also translate into actions – or, things we do. Over time, these things that we do get replaced with other socially “normal” things to do. Usually, it’s because technology or accessibility increases or makes certain businesses obsolete. Don’t believe us? Look at these ten things everyone used to do all the time that we just don’t do anymore.

1. Renting Movies

Businesses like Blockbuster, Redbox, or Family Video might still be seen – but this is incredibly rare. With the ability to stream television and movies online to any device essentially takes the need for brick-and-mortar movie rental locations away. While it used to be normal to head to the video store to pick out a movie or two to watch that weekend, we don’t do this anymore.

2. Buying VHS Tapes

Buying VHS for any reason is the way of the past. Yet, for a long time, this was the only way to watch movies at home, to save family videos, or to record a show on TV you didn’t want to miss. How many people do you know who still have an old stack of VHS’s gathering dust in a closet somewhere? Now-a-days we’re not even sure where you’d be able to find VHS tapes for sale? This method of entertainment viewing has gone the way of the dodo

3. Transfer Money at a Bank

Even just a decade or two ago, transferring money at a bank was the only way people transferred money either locally or abroad. Unfortunately, banks often carry hidden fees with each transfer and sometimes don’t provide the best exchange rates available. Now, most people use online-only transfer services like TransferWise to transfer money. These online organizations have low or no fees, are always transparent with how much they’re charging you for each transfer, and always offer the most up-to-date exchange rates. No wonder most people don’t go to the bank for money transfers anymore

4. Memorizing Phone Numbers

Before we all carried one form of smart phone or another, the only way to ensure that you’d be able to get ahold of someone was to memorize their phone number. Many people carried pocket-sized phone books just in case they needed to jot a new acquaintance’s number down. The need to memorize phone numbers is no longer pressing – our smart phones save phone numbers and can even assign names and information to each contact based on content that’s gathered from your email or other mobile applications. Much easier than memorizing each important phone number in your life!

5. Sending Letters

While it’s still nice to receive a hand-written note occasionally, it’s more common to shoot someone a text or send an email if you need to communicate with them. Writing and sending hand-written letters is considered a lost artform now – with many groups who focus on reinstating the old-idea of pen pals cropping up around the world.

6. Carrying a Pager

Before cell phones were a part of everyday life, pagers were the only way to let someone know you needed to get a hold of them if they were out and about or not near a landline phone. We don’t know anybody who carries a pager anymore.

7. Recording TV Shows on VHS

If you missed a show you wanted to see, you use to record it on a VHS tape. Now, we can save it to our recording device on our TV or stream it online after the fact.

8. Go to the Mall Frequently

Last minute Christmas gifts? A new pair of running shoes? Whenever you needed something, you’d head to the mall. While malls are still around, most people do their shopping online. With most stores offering free expedited shipping, there isn’t really a need to drive out and shop in person.

9. Carry Cash

People use to carry cash or spare change in case they needed to make a phone call at a phone booth, pay someone back for a meal, contribute to a coworker’s birthday cake fund, etc. However, there isn’t really a need to carry cash anymore. Quick pay services are now available through banking applications or third-party applications such as Venmo.

10. Keep a Map Handy

Everyone use to keep a map in the car or house to help them navigate around. But with maps on our phones and other devices physical paper maps aren’t as common as they once were. Most people don’t even know how to read them!

Isn’t it crazy how many things we use to do that we just don’t do anymore? It’s amazing how much things change over the course of just a few years. While some of these traditions might have been convenient, and we may miss some of the old ways of doing things, it’s also nice to move forward into a new, more tech-motivated time!

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