Jun 12, 2018

Holograms on Your Phone?

Have you ever wanted to or given a virtual high five? Well you might be able to actually give your friend or family member a real one with the new LEIA 3D technology that is still being developed. How cool would that be!? You could physically reach out and touch someone on the other end of a call!

This new developing technology can enhance life as we know it for those living far apart from one another, anyone watching shows or playing games, making presentations for work, or simply getting directions to your destination.

Holographic technology from LEIA Corp, a spin off from Hewlett-Packard, is working to bring this new exciting experience to you. Allowing you to immerse yourself in 3D without the use of expensive equipment or bulky glasses. LEIA Corp believes that with this technology they will improve daily experiences to a more personal and beautiful experience.

LEIA Corp Mission and Partner

LEIA Corp founders of LEIA 3D are on a mission to make life more beautiful and to enrich everyone’s life. LEIA Corp was founded in 2014 by David Fattal, now the CEO, Zhen Peng, now the CTO, and Pierre-Emmanuel Evreux now the CFO. LEIA partnered with Altice Group a technology and media corporation for a launch in Europe in 2016.

How it is created

LEIA 3D uses diffractive lightfield backlighting to enhance an existing LCD screen into 3D. Users will be able to switch seamlessly between the standard viewing and 3D viewing, without the use of glasses. While you won’t yet see a floating hologram above your phone’s screen, it will make the user experience more enhanced and personal with 3D.

Where it could be used

3D holograms could be used in cars for enhanced directions, on TV screens for a more interactive viewing of movies and video games. They could also be used in businesses for presentations to engage their audiences. Instead of always saying, “ Now if you can imagine this here…” your business could actually show the clients rather than have them imagine.

Who is using it now

Android has a smart phone, Hydrogen One by Red which is between $1,00-$1,600 depending on which version is purchased set to release this summer with AT&T and Verizon.

LEIA Corp is constantly developing their LEIA 3D, and it is exciting to think of all the possibilities that may come with the development of this new technology!

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