Jul 24, 2018

Technically Speaking These Jobs are HOT!

Unemployment is low, I mean really low. Across the country there are more jobs than there are people to fill them. While this can fabulous news for employees, it’s not so great of news for employers. Trying to fill all the open positions is challenging and usually the excess work gets put on current employees or goes undone and one of the fastest growing employment markets is in technology.

In the interconnected world through remote work and data share capabilities employees can work from anywhere in the world and fulfill jobs in different states or even countries.


Business analytics, data analyst, data scientist whatever the company calls it, it is the same thing. Taking tons of raw data and turning it into useful information for management, investors, and potential investors. Without these numbers being pulled together routinely and systematically companies fly blind through their fiscal year wondering if things they are doing are adding value or detracting it.

According to salary.com there are over 267 job titles with the match of analyst. Top Analytical Job titles: Business Analyst, Project Analyst, and Data Analyst.


Website developers, Mobile Developers, Software Developers etc if you can code and create something that is useful to a company for its technological presence your talents are in short supply.

According to salary.com there are only 19 job titles for types of developers. Top developer job titles are: Web Developer, Software Developer, and Software Engineer.


The threat of cyber attack is real and companies are keenly aware of their technological vulnerability.  Companies work through many different scenarios to try and prevent threats to their corporate database. Passwords being changed constantly, having rolling pins from a fab for each employee with secure access to information and 24/7/365 surveillance of their intellectual property. Having someone working to protect your business from attack may be vital to keeping your business going and safe.

According to salary.com there are over 141 job titles for types of security jobs. Top security jobs are: Data Security Analyst, Information Security Manager, and Security Administrator.


CIO, CTO, CSO etc. if the position is in charge of a technology department of some kind they are in high demand, from managers, directors to top officers in the company these individuals taking on the challenge of managing technology teams and ensuring the work is being done well comes with a high price tag for those willing to take on the responsibility.

According to salary.com there are over 688 jobs titles for Technology Management positions. Top jobs titles are: Information Technology Director, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Security Officer.

Help Desk

Customer service experts, support desk, help desk, whoever you employ to take calls from customers who are having ‘technical difficulties’ these people are invaluable to your organization. They have to not only be customer friendly but technologically with it. They have to be able to talk people through programming, installing and do so under extreme stress from the customers on the other line. They have to be patient and understand that without their role in the organization returns of products or services would shoot through the roof!...

According to salary.com there are only 31 job titles that match help desk. The top job titles for these positions are: Help Desk, Help Desk Support, Support Coordinator and Support Analyst.

The companies with these openings are all over the country; there isn’t one area that has full employment for their technology jobs. This being said, employees know that if they want to move on to another job with another organization they likely can. The low unemployment rate can help employees gain certain benefits like working remotely or high wages from their employers. Their employers know that it cost time and money to replace them and if the employee is asking for a concession for their continued employment it is likely the company will try and oblige.

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