Aug 24, 2018

Why are there so many software developers in India?

India is the second most populated country in the world and with that many people around there is fierce competition for livelihood. Even with the family structure evolving in India, adults seek the advice of their parents. In Indian society parents want their children to be successful, and being successful to many of them is to either become a doctor or a software engineer.

Family Structure

Traditionally the Indian family structure is of multiple generations living together, while modern society is steering away from this structure it is still widely accepted as the norm. Even after children are grown they will still seek the advice and approval of their parents. Seeking approval can lead these young adults into careers they are not interested in just to prove to their parents that they are successful. Since the family structure of Indian families that of multiple generations living under one roof, those who are capable of working are supporting more than themselves. They are supporting the elderly, the sick, the disabled and the children. That is a lot of pressure from your family and extended family to be a good provider. This can also lead young people to pursue an education in software development because it pays better than other jobs available in India. These individuals are saddled with the responsibility of supporting their entire extended family.


When companies are working on budgets and they need software developers the cost can be exuberant. Knowing that you can get a software developer from India for a fraction of the cost seems like a no-brainer. While it may be less expensive you might get what you pay for. Statistically Americans are overall more educated than Indians according to United Nations studies. In 2015 India ranked 92nd out of 145 countries in their overall education. While Indians were 11% better at math and logic than Americans, American were over 50% better at software development.

Economics of India

India missed the boat when it came to technological advances for many years and some people believe that these young people need to learn to code at a young age to be successful. India is not highly ranked in any industry, leaving their national infrastructure needing vast improvements. They are pushing people to learn software development, but they are leaving all other industries by the way side. For a country to be strong economically they need to have a wide variety of skills that can be outsourced as a service or products to other nations worldwide. If they continue to force young people into one of two career paths much of their existing economic system will be in dyer need of educated people to innovate and manage it.

The Beef

A common stereotype in the technology industry is that your US based job can easily be outsourced to India and for cheap. This is true, yet not true. Can the job be outsourced, well yes. But is it cheap? It depends on what standard you looking at. Will the software development be done for less money, yes. You may however need to have a highly qualified IT person verify that things are being done right and done well. A lot can be lost in translation even if speaking in ‘code’ is all the same language. The barrier can lead to lost time and misunderstandings and then to software problems.

The Come Back

Indians have also made a positive impact on Silicon Valley as well. While there are bad Indian software developers out there, there are also many good ones too! One of the best ways to tell between a good Indian software developer and a bad one is their education. If they attended college in America, they are likely more skilled and qualified at their job, than if they went to school in India.


When looking to get a project completed it is always best to know the background on the company or individual you are hiring. If you want your project to be perfect, you will need to pay for the perfect software developer, and they should have an education from America versus India. It is a simple way to verify what skill level you will be hiring without having to hire them and then find out. This is not saying a qualified person with an Indian education cannot do a good job, but it is a simple way to weed out possible poor software developers.

If you are on a very tight budget and the work doesn’t have to be perfect, you can definitely save some money by working through developers in India. You might have to rework it a couple times, but you will likely still come under budget.

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